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Studies agree: design-build construction is the fastest, most efficient, and cost-effective way of building in most cases and one of our most popular construction services. We streamline the building process by combining the design and construction phases into one contract, and with a single point of responsibility.

Your design team is on our team, and we all work as a cohesive unit. We’ve been perfecting our design-build process since the 1980’s, and over 50% of all our annual projects are design-build construction.

At Construction Management, Inc., this technique maximizes communication and minimizes confusion, creating a project that is 30% more efficient than traditional design-bid-build methods.

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Construction Management

Bringing you support throughout every stage of construction, our Construction Management services are tailored for exceptional customer service.

From initial pre-construction planning and design to finishing and project closeout, our team manages all complex on-site activities and promotes cooperation among the design and build teams.

We ensure that your project is cost-efficient, completed on time, and of the highest quality standard by leveraging professional expertise and the latest technology.

Your optimized project combines the most efficient and cost-effective parts to provide the highest value facility—giving you the most building for your money.

General Construction Services

We work closely with your architect to bring our renowned high quality construction services to your project—from building permits to site development, and construction to final landscaping.

With over 40 years of experience, we understand building codes and regulations and can expertly use a wide variety of building systems, construction techniques, materials, and equipment.

During a general construction project, we integrate with your design team to deliver your project on time and on budget, and your project gets the highest quality attention from our trusted partners and vendors.



Commercial Construction Service

Commercial contractors create and maintain one of your largest assets: your business’s office, retail center, distribution center, or other industrial facility. Whether using a Pre-Engineered Metal Building or conventional construction, your business needs leads the project.

CMI specializes in “repairs and maintenance” as well as metal buildings—roofs, wall panels, insulation, and overhead doors. Our metal buildings are durable and energy-efficient and offer significant savings on long-term maintenance costs.

All steel buildings are designed to meet your exact standards. You set the requirements, and we meet them.  With these systems you can choose the exterior appearance, from attractive and economical metal wall panels to a combination of brick, masonry, or stucco finishes.

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Metal Building Supplier and Steel Building Erection Services

With over 40 years of experience, Construction Management, Inc. assists you in all phases of your PEMB building needs.

As an authorized Butler Builder®, we craft metal buildings that are highly energy efficient and versatile. In the past, clients chose metal building systems for successful manufacturing, retail, industrial, and self storage projects.

Clients say energy efficiency and the overall value of a steel building system helped them make that ultimate choice. Pre-engineered metal buildings offer clients an optimized building design and very little wasted material is produced from creation to construction—cost savings that are passed on to you.

Extreme versatility is another consistently mentioned benefit of choosing a metal building. Wide-open interiors, a variety of bay sizes, eave heights, roof slopes, and exteriors finishes with energy-efficient coatings give you endless design and efficiency options. 

As a Butler Builder®, we also offer a 20-year weather-tight roof warranty with routine roof maintenance. Roof system maintenance includes photos and a written inspection report on all Pre-Engineered metal building projects.

We specialize in the fast erection of large and complex industrial building structures. Our in-house team offers a qualified erection service for Butler® Pre-Engineered metal buildings.


Residential Construction

Although CMI evolved into a commercial builder, our roots are in residential construction. We are still proud to offer those construction services.

We have completed custom single-family homes and multi-family developments for many of our clients. We also perform residential additions and remodels.